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1915 Carmen

1920 The toreador

1920The Mysterious Stranger

1922Sangre y arena

1927 The Bull Fighter

1933 The Kid from Spain

1934The Trumpet Blows

1938Bulldozing the bull

1938Ferdinand the Bull

1941Sangre y arena

1945The Bullfighters

1947Fiesta brava, Fiesta brava

1948 Carmen. Los amores de Carmen

1948Mexican Hayride

1949Señor Droopy

1950 The Bullfighter and the Lady

1950Pandora and the Flying Dutchman

1951 The Brave Bulls

1952Las nieves del Kilimanjaro

1952 This is Cinerama

1954The Littlest Outlaw

1954The Magnificent Matador

1956The Brave One

1956 Bullfight

1957Around the World in Eighty Days


1958 Lucy Goes To Mexico

1959It Started With A Kiss

1963Fun in Acapulco

1963For Whom the Bulls Toil

1984 Bolero

1989Sangre y arena

1989 Eye of the Widow

1998Talk of angels

2000 Bullfighter

2005The Matador

2008El Fandi. The matador

Más cine.

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